There will be a Novena this year, says Knock’s Parish Priest

For the first time in 43 years Knock didn’t host a Novena in 2020 but there are hopes the celebration will go ahead this year now that the Shrine has reopened. Parish priest Fr Richard Gibbon is “excited” to see...

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Mayo priest warns his parishioners of scammers

A Westport priest has highlighted a situation whereby potential scammers are getting hold of parishioners’ email addresses and then contacting them pretending to be a priest. Fr Charlie McDonnell said he recently became aware of this attempted scam and warned...

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‘It’s easy to criticise the past and ignore what’s happening today’ – Achonry Bishop

Bishop of Achonry, Paul Dempsey
The Bishop of Achonry has criticised the political class for failing to learn from the past and of letting down...

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