Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Corner House Cafe staff Max, Linda, Helen and Shona. Missing from the picture is Jack.

The Corner House Café in Ardnaree celebrated its one-year anniversary on Friday with hampers and giveaway prizes.

It opened during the Covid-19 pandemic but it continues to prosper as owner Linda Lewis said they had a steady year but are looking forward to the future.

The front of the Corner House Cafe

A lot of work has gone into getting business up and running before they even opened their doors.

“When we moved into the building, my heart sank because it was in such a derelict state. The place was gutted, the wires were cut and everything. We had to put in a full rewiring, new walls, absolutely everything from start to finish.

“There was nothing, just concrete blocks, holes in wall and the ceilings and no electricity. We were working day and night with generators, lamps and everything.

“Anybody and everybody gave us a hand, friends, family, they all mucked in.

“It was a massive undertaking and a massive risk but we survived the first year.”

Linda says that business has been on a steady rise as they find their feet in the industry.

“It’s been a steady year but it is getting better and better all the time.”

However, it is a difficult time for businesses as the energy crisis means that the overheads are just becoming more and more costly.

“You just have to keep shopping around to try to get the best prices that you can, keeping all your costs as low as you can. Every time you looked at the docket that comes in from suppliers it keeps going up.

“It is crippling but trying to keep your costs down is the likes of your electricity and outgoings is really the hardest part.

“We turn off the machines when we’re not using them, handwash our dishes instead of using the dishwasher, everything is just trying to be cost-effective.

“I have a good team of staff and they are absolutely fantastic. There is five of us including me.”

If you head into the Corner House Café, you are not short of options as they have everything you could think of on their sprawling menu.

A selection of the wide range of freshly home-baked lunches and desserts available at The Corner House Cafe, Ardnaree.

“We do everything, and if we haven’t got it, I will try to source it. Our big thing is the breakfast, which we do all day. We do lunches, a hot dinner or a carvery lunch, fresh dinners every day, then we have the burgers, sandwiches, paninis, rolls, wraps, salads, curries, we do practically everything we can.

“We do outside catering as well which has been a big help to us.”

The Cafe is child friendly with a playroom and party room for children’s parties.


Linda was a deli worker for the last nine years but kept the dream alive of running her own business, which she loves. It is still alive and long may it last.

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