Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pictured (left) is the Belleek duck pond as it currently looks with excessive algae, while (right) is the visualisation of how it will look after the proposed plan is complete.

An ambitious plan is being launched to improve the duck pond in Belleek Woods in Ballina, writes Paul O’Malley.

River Moy Search and Rescue, along with key stakeholders, have worked on plans to improve the water quality of the pond, which is one of the most popular parts of Belleek Woods.

To achieve this, they are hoping to rid the pond of its summertime algae bloom and also to create a natural self-sustaining ecosystem in keeping with that of Belleek Woods and the Moy Estuary. The planting of flowering plants around the border of the pond will compete with the algae and increase biodiversity.

“The duck pond in Belleek Woods should be the crown jewel of the woodlands but instead the algae on its surface is an eyesore every summer,” Vincent Lang, of the River Moy Search and Rescue told the Western People. “We would like to thank Peter McAndrew and the Environmental Protection Agency in Castlebar for their help in works we have carried out thus far.”

The proposals are now ready for presentation to the people of Ballina and a public meeting will be held at the Merry Monk on Tuesday, November 29, at 8pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

These plans are being worked on by River Moy Search and Rescue in conjunction with the North East Mayo LEADER and Moy Valley Resources, the Inland Fisheries Ireland, Belleek Woods Enhancement Committee, Ballina Beverages, Ballina Municipal Council, AIB, Baxter Healthcare, Ballina Lions Club, JBA Consultants, FH Wetlands Limited, Coillte and the Local Authority Waters Programme.

For any queries before the public meeting, please email [email protected]

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