Wednesday, July 20, 2022

By Keith Bourke

A Mayo councillor has reacted angrily to a lack of spending in some parts of the county.

Fine Gael’s Michael Burke told a meeting of Mayo County Council that it was recently revealed to councillors in the Claremorris Municipal District that the area has received just 10% of the council’s overall spend on capital projects.

“More money has been spent on one project in Ballina than there has been in six years in South Mayo,” said the Ballinrobe-based councillor.

He said he does not begrudge Ballina or other areas but called for a fair share of the pie.

Cllr Burke drew attention to a derelict building on Ballinrobe’s Main Street for which funding was provided years ago, but the property remains in a deplorable condition.

It was party colleague, Cllr Neil Cruise, who totted up the numbers and revealed the inequality to his fellow Claremorris-Swinford Municipal District councillors at a meeting with Mayo County Council Chief Executive, Kevin Kelly.

“We have more than a third of the county’s land mass and a third of the representatives on Mayo County Council, but the projects being promoted in our area are only one-tenth of the council’s proposed projects,” Cllr Cruise told the Western People.

“The Claremorris/Swinford District has probably the most scope for expansion and capital projects within the whole county. We have the jewel in the crown which is Knock Airport, we have a 300-acre SDZ, without any proper plans to develop it since it was designated three years ago. And also we have enormous potential with regards to renewable energy,” Cllr Cruise added.

Mr Kelly told councillors that one major project in an area can skew the figures but he said the council is committed to delivering a responsible and ethical spread of projects across the entire county.

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