Thursday, June 23, 2022

Councillors in the Ballina Municipal District have called for greater safety measures at two areas of the town.

Cllr Mark Duffy called on the MD to introduce traffic calming and speed mitigation measures in Bohernasup due to a number of dangerous incidents involving speeding cars in the neighbourhood. He noted that this was a straight road and there had been some near misses recently.

In response to Cllr Mark Duffy, Engineer Orla Bourke said Mayo County Council will investigate the need for the measures requested.

Meanwhile, Cllr John O’Hara called for a safety audit on Church Road following some recent accidents in that area.

“We need to address the section of the road that needs upgrading to prevent these accidents occurring. There are no hard shoulders on this road and at the very least, there should be barriers on this stretch of road.”

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