Monday, June 20, 2022

Claremorris native Kevin Walsh yesterday became the first person to run the full width of Mayo in a day

A well-known personal trainer and GAA coach has become the first person to run the full width of Mayo in one day.

Starting off in Ballindine, Claremorris native Kevin Walsh ran 66 miles (over 106km) to Keem beach in Achill yesterday in aid of Mellon Educate.

Founded in 2002, Mellon Educate has provided thousands of Africans with new homes. Their new mission is to provide better standards of education to 100,000 children in Africa.

In conjunction with the South African government, they have housed 175,000 local people in high grade permanent homes, replacing dilapidated shack living conditions. Since 2013, Mellon Educate has set about improving access to better standards of education in African townships.

To date, the charity has built and renovated 32 schools, providing over 50,000 young children with a better chance at life. Every year, Mellon Educate organises their now renowned “building blitz” trip to Africa for volunteers from all over the world to travel and lend a helping hand building better infrastructure in poor communities.

This November, Kevin will be volunteering with Mellon Educate to build schools and houses for some of the poorest people in South Africa. So far, he has managed to raise over €5,800, you can donate by clicking here.

Kevin took to social media to share his triumph and thanked everyone for their kind generosity.

“Right after I finished my body shut down into hypothermic shock, uncontrolled shivering,” he revealed.

“The pain in my legs that I had been hiding all day just exploded and I could barely walk or move my legs. Every inch of my lower body felt like a rock, I couldn’t bend.

“I then hopped in the shower when I got home (with help) but collapsed in there. Was unconscious for a few seconds.

“But I finished and that’s all that counts. Some people say they have no doubts with things like this but I’m always filled with as much doubt as hope.

“I’m sunburned, I can barely move my legs, I was completely zoned out mentally for the last 30km. I have severe muscle and joint pain but I’m alive.

“You’re capable of far more than you think. It’s unbelievable what you can make your body do with the right mental attitude. It’s also unbelievable how much potential we all have.

“Thanks so much for all the messages, support and donations I’m truly humbled and grateful for all of your kindness and generosity.”

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