Friday, May 13, 2022

Mayo volleyball player Mikal O’Boyle has this morning flown out with the Ireland squad to Iceland for the upcoming European qualifiers where they play three different countries over three consecutive days this weekend.

Mayo’s Mikal O’Boyle.

Later today they face the Faroe Islands at 9pm. On Saturday they play host nation, Iceland, at 3pm and they conclude with a match against neighbours, Scotland on Sunday, also at 3pm.

Ahead of her trip to the qualifiers, Mikal O’Boyle, who is the team’s vice-captain said: “I am very excited to be playing with this strong group of girls. After Covid curtailed our competitive matches for so long it will be great to see how far our limits can be pushed and taking on the challenge of overcoming the challenges set by the best players from other countries in pursuit of European qualification.

“We mean to uphold our team vision; “bí cróga, bí spreagúil, belong!”

Anyone wishing to view the team’s games can do so my typing BLÍ – Blaksamband Íslands into YouTube.

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