Monday, April 25, 2022

Yesterday’s result may not have gone Mayo’s way but that did not stop one their star defenders from lending a helping hand.

Mayo corner-back Padraig O’Hora came to the aid of two Ballina supporters Fran Downey Mackeever and Mags Downey Martin when their car broke down outside MacHale Park.

In their rush to make the match in time, Mags had left the lights of her car on and the battery had gone dead by the time they game was over. Luckily for the Downey sisters, Padraig O’Hora rushed to their aid and got them back on the road.

“What a hero! What a man! Runs the pitch for 70 minutes, giving his all and even though it didn’t go Mayo’s way, he still took the time to help two damsels in distress,” said Fran on social media yesterday.

“We were plodding out of MacHale Park all upset and licking our wounds and when we got back into the car discovered the battery was dead,” Mags told the Western People.

“Padraig was meeting his own partner after the match and he saw us and ran to get his car to kickstart us and get it working. He really is a great lad. You go through 70 minutes on the pitch, the madness of that match and you still find the time help us two eejits!,” laughed Mags.

Mayo defender Padraig O’Hara came to the aid of two fans at MacHale Park yesterday.




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