Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lorry drivers have brought one of Dublin’s major roads to a standstill today.

The Irish Truckers & Haulage Association against Fuel Prices held the protest on Dublin’s M50, which is the busiest road in the city. It involved the lorries taking up all lanes and driving at a slow speed to bring traffic to a halt.

They also staged a protest on Kildare Street.

“The protest is a go 100% People asking who we are. We are owner operators of hgv and lgv. We haven’t disclosed who we are so as the protest can’t be stopped or we can’t be bought. This protest is for you and yours. you have the power to change the problem of fuel pricing and tax prices. We don’t reside to any other groups and organisations with any other side shows or interests. We can stand up tomorrow or we can talk about what could have been,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.
This protest comes after this week’s news that the price of fuel has never been higher in Ireland.

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