Monday, November 08, 2021

A senior medic at Mayo University Hospital described the situation in the Emergency Department last Monday as the worst they have ever witnessed.

In a report on the senior medic, who is not named, said that the ED at MUH is suffering from overcrowding issues. Last Monday, there were 35 patients waiting on trolleys at the hospital.

“There were 20 trolleys in the Emergency Department, and 10 ambulances were waiting outside.

“It got so bad, the delays were so long for paramedics to offload patients into the hospital they had to order pizza to be delivered to them directly in the ambulances. The wait was so long they were starving. It’s almost funny, but in reality, it’s quite horrific.

“It was the worst overcrowding situation many staff in ED have ever witnessed in any hospital. And we have nurses and doctors in that department with vast experience.

“In Mayo, we have no minor injuries unit and no medical assessment unit. We physically don’t have enough staff to open the medical assessment unit. So everybody who has any complaint has to come through the ED.”

“Patients and their relatives are venting their frustration in an often highly abusive manner to staff, and it is both grossly unfair and demoralising. They are trying to work and do their best for people in unmercifully difficult conditions.”

There are 12 patients on trolleys this morning at MUH.

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