Friday, September 10, 2021

In the days leading up to the All-Ireland Final in Mayo, the county turns into a proverbial sea of Green & Red.

Nothing is safe from a dash of green and red colouring, from cakes to dogs to faces to cars to shop windows, the entire place gets transformed.

Up in Belmullet, something a bit more peck-uliar going on.

Mary McHale has gone chicken mad ahead of the All-Ireland Final against Tyrone and painted her chickens Green & Red, as seen in these photos sent in by Sean McHale.

Here is hoping that Mayo can lay a golden egg this weekend and stay away from any dangerous ‘fowl’ Tyrone might try to commit.

Now all Mary needs is some clever names for her flock. Rob Hen-nely? Peck-trick Durcan? Kevin McLough-wing?

Stephen Clucks-ton and Colm Coop-er are right out.

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