Thursday, April 15, 2021

Figures released by the HSE show that over €2 million has been paid out in car parking charges and clamping fees at Mayo University Hospital since 2012.

The numbers were revealed to Aontú leader Paedar Tóibin and the party’s representative in Mayo Paul Lawless is calling on all four Mayo TDs to support his party’s Bill to allow for free parking for patients in hospitals around the country.

Since 2012, hospital car parks across the country took in a little over €100 million in receipts from car parking and clamping charges. During this period a total of  €2,140,827 has been collected in MUH off the backs of patients in the hospital here in Castlebar. The receipts for 2020 would have been higher, were it not for the suspension of non-Covid healthcare services for the majority of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and government policies,” said Mr Lawless.

“These statistics are very sad, as we know that a considerable number of these patients are seriously ill. The idea of charging these people for parking sounds cruel enough as it is, but to think that there are patients in the hospital getting clamped if they don’t have a ticket on their car is particularly distressing. The government should be doing more to alleviate unnecessary burdens such as car parking charges for patients, some of whom are fighting for their very lives. They shouldn’t have to face the stress of worrying about the car park bill at the end of the day,” he added.

Aontú has submitted a Bill seeking free parking for up to three hours in the car park of a public hospital where an occupant of the vehicle (either the driver or a passenger) is attending the hospital to receive out-patient services.

I’m really urging all TDs here in Mayo to support Aontú’s Bill and ensure it is passed swiftly through both houses of Oireachtas,” said Mr Lawless.


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