Tuesday, February 16, 2021

It’s an ominous headline but a charming story as yet another inspirational Freeze4February dip has been staged in Ballina’s Brusna River to help raise funds to develop a sensory park for local children with special needs.

Fr Billy Sheridan made a guest appearance alongside other Freeze4February volunteers last night and bravely took the plunge (see below) into the Brusna’s murky waters in the dark of night.

The novel fundraiser has been co-ordinated by local community organisations, the Ballina Community Clean-Up Group and the FLOW Community Project to help fund the much-needed sensory park they are proposing to develop in Ballina in conjunction with Mayo Co Council.

Operating as Team BEElieve and Team FLOW, the two groups are going head-to-head throughout the month of February to run as many sponsored voluntary daily dips in icy water as possible.

Members of the public are invited to get involved and can dip in the bath, shower, a water-filled wheelie bin or at a river, sea or lake within 5km of their homes.

The amount of people coming forward to complete the daunting challenge has been nothing short of inspirational and local curate, Fr Billy Sheridan, is among the latest of those to endure the big chill for the special children of Ballina.

Before taking the plunge the courageous curate set a cheeky challenge to fellow local clergy to follow his lead – including Fr Tom Doherty, Fr Aidan O’Boyle and the Bishop of Killala himself, Dr John Fleming.

If you too would like to support the development of a sensory play park in Ballina you can donate to the cause by clicking here. 

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