Monday, February 01, 2021

The Henry family from Tooreen.

A Tooreen family is dancing their way through the pandemic and sharing their moves online.
Mary Kathleen Henry has been teaching dance steps, including the waltz, Jive and line dancing for almost two decades and her husband Michael and their five children are equally as talented. Last March the family posted one of their choreographed dances on Facebook and were inundated with well-wishes.
Mary Kathleen admits to missing her evening classes.
“For some, it was their only social outing of the week. For the line dancing, they didn’t need a partner and for the jive and waltz classes we could pair them up with someone and everyone had a chat in the hall afterwards. Some people had no interest in the pub and it was their night out. I miss meeting the people and seeing them learn their steps.”
Her classes were also the venue where the buds of romance flourished for many singletons down through the years.
The couple’s children Sonia, Aidan, Vanessa, Declan and Serena and their nephews, who live next door, didn’t need much persuading to show off their moves with the youngsters also setting up an Instagram account – Keeping Up With The Henrys – documenting the family’s life in lockdown.
“The kids took to dancing like ducks to water; they have always been immersed in it and they love the country songs.”

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