Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Kenneth Fox

Monaghan has the highest 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 in the country and is now at 1485.7, according to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC).

The wider picture across the country is positive as incidence rates continue to decrease. Daily case figures are continuing to come down from the peak in early January.

From the period of January 11th up until midnight on January 24th, Monaghan recorded 912 new cases of Covid-19.

The county with the second-highest incidence rate is Mayo which is at 1213.7, followed by Louth which has a rate of 1151.4.

During that 14-day period Mayo recorded 1,584 new cases of the virus and Louth recorded 1,484 new cases.

Overall, Ireland recorded 36,486 new cases of Covid-19 and the country’s current incidence rate is 766.21.

Over the past 14 days, 2,266 people were hospitalised with the virus and a further 104 people were admitted to ICU.

The HPSC said that 3,403 cases were associated with clusters, 154 cases were travel related and there were 4,373 healthcare workers who contracted the virus.

There were also 12,126 cases which were from a close contact of a confirmed case and 5,992 cases which were from community transmission.

Age breakdown

The median age of cases during this period was 41 years of age.

The age group which recorded the highest amount of new cases was 25-34 years old who accounted for 6,319 cases of Covid-19.

This was followed by 35-44 year olds who accounted for 6,200 cases and 45-54 year olds who accounted for 6,030.

In terms of hospitalisation numbers during this period, 75-84 year olds accounted for the most with 547 people, followed by those aged 85 and over who accounted for 363 people who were admitted to hospital.

There are currently 1,823 people in hospital with Covid-19 and 216 people in ICU with the virus.



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