Wednesday, October 21, 2020

County Mayo accounted for 42 of Ireland’s 1,801 deaths related to Covid-19 up to the week ending October 2.

Up to that date, 658 cases of the virus had been recorded in the county, meaning the virus had a 6.3 percent mortality rate within Mayo. The median age was 82.

On a weekly basis, the highest number of deaths related to Covid-19 occurred the week of April 17, where there were eight deaths according to figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

During the week of April 10, seven people died related to Covid-19, while in the week of April 24, there were also seven deaths.

The week of April 24 saw 114 newly confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Mayo, a figure not surpassed until the week ending October 17, which saw 148 new cases recorded. Seven deaths were recorded during the week of May 1. For seven weeks this year, less than five deaths were recorded.

The first death in Mayo was recorded the week of March 27, with no deaths related to Covid-19 recorded up to October 2 since the week of June 12, according to the CSO.

In Galway, there were 14 deaths related to Covid-19 up to the week ending October 2. In Sligo, five deaths were recorded while in Roscommon, 12 deaths were recorded. No confirmed figure is available for Leitrim, as less than five cases were recorded in that county. The country’s most affected area was the Dublin region, where 797 deaths were recorded up to the week ending October 2.

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