Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The HSE has launched the first Children’s Flu Vaccine campaign in Ireland.

This autumn, children aged 2-12 years will be offered the flu vaccine free of charge. Your GP or pharmacist will give the vaccine using a spray up your child’s nose (nasal vaccine).

Symptoms of flu in children include a high temperature, muscle pains, headache and extreme tiredness (fatigue). They may also have a dry cough and sore throat. It may be difficult to tell the symptoms of flu from symptoms of Covid-19.

Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer of the HSE said “The flu vaccine for children is a very safe vaccine and has been given to children in the US since 2003 and in the UK since 2013. The flu vaccine helps your child’s immune system to produce antibodies that fight infection, and it will not result in your child getting the flu. If your child has had the flu vaccine and they come into contact with flu virus, these antibodies attack the virus and stop children from getting sick.

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