Monday, September 28, 2020

Homes in North Mayo have been ravaged by pyrite.


The Grant Scheme

The Defective Concrete Block Grant Scheme is the “Financial Assistance Scheme for Remediation of Damaged Dwellings due to the use of defective concrete blocks”, is available to financially assist homeowners to remediate their dwelling, where their dwelling has been damaged by the use of defective concrete blocks in its construction. The grant scheme is administered by Mayo County Council, for homes affected in Mayo, and by Donegal County Council for homes affected in Donegal.

The dwelling must be the individual’s principal private residence. Under the grant scheme, an owner can only apply for one dwelling and a dwelling can only be subject to one grant.

Costs Covered by this Scheme

The scheme covers up to 90% of the costs associated with the remediation of the dwelling including:

  1. Engineer’s Report (including final report in accordance with I.S 465)
  2. Preparation of remedial works plan by a competent engineer
  3. Costs associated with a contractor carrying out the remedial works
  4. Professional oversight of the remedial works, including inspection and certification

Application Process

Stage 1 – Confirmation of Eligibility

Homeowner applies to the Local Authority providing a completed Engineer’s Report as evidence of damage to dwelling. 

Local Authority confirms eligibility to proceed to stage 2, subject to the terms of the scheme.

NOTE – Core samples are required to be taken from the exterior block work above and below ground and from the interior blockwork. The core samples are sent for Laboratory testing to confirm the levels of Mica / Pyrite.


Stage 2 – Grant Approval

Before works commence, the homeowner applies for grant approval, providing estimated costs to remediate the dwelling.

Local Authority confirms the maximum, approved grant amount, subject to the terms of the scheme. 

NOTE – It is advisable that the Engineer who prepared and issued the initial Engineers Report, prepares and issues the most appropriate remediation works.

Stage 3 – Payment of Grant

Following completion and certification of works, homeowners applies for full or partial payment of grant approved at stage 2.

Local Authority pays grant to homeowner, subject to the terms of the scheme.

NOTE – An Engineers Final Certification is required to confirm the works were completed in accordance with the approved remediation works. It is advisable that the Engineer who prepared and issued the initial Engineers Report and proposed Remediation works, prepares and issues the Final Certification, an Assigned Certifier type person.


What can TA Group provide to you the Homeowner?

TA Group as a complete service provider will provide a One-Stop Service to all homeowners.

Stage 1 – TA Group will complete the Engineer’s Report, required by the Local Authority, including all on-site sampling and laboratory testing of site samples.

Assist the Homeowner in completing the application to the Local Authority

Stage 2 – TA Group will provide a detailed cost estimated for the remediation works, to you the homeowner for grant approval by the Local Authority. 

Stage 3 – TA Group will complete the remediation works and certify the works for you the homeowner for payment of grant approved.

TA Group is providing support to Homeowners affected by the Defective Concrete Block Scheme through Mayo and Donegal. 


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