Sunday, September 27, 2020

Mayo Co Council’s director of services for the Ballina Municipal District has urged locals to support the Adopt a Local Business initiative. Adopt a local business

Speaking at a monthly meeting of local elected councillors and local authority officials, Mr Tom Gilligan explained that the nationwide concept was introduced to encourage people to select and support one or two local businesses.

“It could be a restaurant, a clothes shop, a hardware story or anything. We are just encouraging people to try to go there and spend money there more often and thereby support that local business,” he explained.

“It would be very good if we were to show leadership on this here in Ballina. It would be very good for the local economy, services and for job creation. Spending that bit more every month or every few months can make a difference.”

He revealed that the local authority is also exploring the feasibility of developing a pop-up shop initiative as a means of addressing Ballina’s high commercial vacancy rate.

The council is collaborating with Mayo Local Enterprise Office and Ballina Chamber of Commerce on this endeavor which will help struggling businesses by generating more footfall in Ballina and getting people to spend more money.

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