Monday, August 10, 2020

Ireland’s incident rate of new cases is marginally less than that of the UK.

Ireland looks set to surpass the UK’s incidence rate of Cvoid-19 cases following a surge in cases over the past number of weeks.

The 14-day incidence rate of the virus in the Republic has increased to 15.8 cases per 100,000, a sevenfold increase, as reported in The Irish Times.

Meanwhile, the UK’s incidence rate currently sits at 15.9, with over 311,000 confirmed cases and 46,574 deaths recorded due to the virus.

The increase in daily cases being reported to the Department of Health has been linked to outbreaks in a number of meat factories in the midlands.

Cases in O’Brien’s Fine Food, Kildare Chilling and Irish Dog Foods have led to the production being suspended in the three businesses, while a regional lockdown has also been implemented in Kildare, Laois and Offaly.

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