Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A self-made cloth mask to protect against virus and bacteria

The Medical Director of Heroes-Aid, Dr Maitiú Ó Tuathail, has gained international media attention after posting a video on social media debunking the myth that face masks lowers the wearer’s oxygen levels.

The footage has viewed over twenty million times on social media. The footage has also been carried by news outlets worldwide from the United States to Australia,

Dr Ó Tuathail posted a video of himself to his Twitter page wearing six face masks while connected to a monitor displaying no change in his oxygen levels, to demonstrate that face masks have no effect on a wearer’s blood oxygen levels.

Dr Ó Tuathail is a General Practitioner based in Dublin and is a former President of the National Association of General Practitioners. He also serves as Medical Director of Heroes-Aid, a voluntary not-for-profit organisation established in the early stage of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, to protect and support frontline health care workers.

“It is vital people know the facts around face coverings and their importance in stopping the spread of Covid-19. At Heroes-Aid, we are striving to provide supports to frontline workers, including supplying them with PPE, as it remains the most important factor in ensuring the safety of frontline healthcare staff during the pandemic.”

CEO of Heroes-Aid Mary Leahy says Heroes-Aid has supplied those on the frontline with over 500,000 pieces of PPE to date: “We are now moving towards providing psychological supports to those who have spent the last few months fighting Covid-19 on the frontline. We want to support them in any way we can. If people want to learn more about us, log onto on”

Since its foundation, Heroes-Aid has utilised over €260,000 in donations from members of the public to supply Ireland’s frontline workers with over 500,000 pieces of PPE. The organisation’s goal is to raise funds to provide practical supports, such as essential PPE and other resources to keep Ireland’s healthcare heroes safe as they care for us.

As a voluntary group, Heroes-Aid also seeks to provide longer-term psychological, educational and practical support and care for frontline healthcare workers, their children and families who have been negatively impacted by Covid-19.

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