Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Former Mayo footballer and Roscommon manager Kevin McStay isn’t convinced the 2020 championships will be played to a successful conclusion.

As Covid-19 cases pop up in clubs across the country, Kevin McStay says he fears for the All-Ireland Championships this year. With inter-county action set to resume on October 17 and conclude on December 19 with the All-Ireland SFC final, the former Mayo footballer isn’t optimistic about running all of the games through without a hitch.

“I’m old school, I’m a bit conservative, I suppose that military thing is in the back of my head somewhere. I’m a vaccine man, even though I probably wouldn’t take the first vaccine, I’d wait for someone else!” he said, speaking on the Roscommon People Podcast.

“I’m so looking forward to going for a pint in a pub when it opens – but is it reckless? There’s a risk analysis going on all the time in my head and you’re wondering what will happen if three clubs on the one night report symptoms and one of them is closed down, that could be one of the groups closed down in the club (championship).

“Now, say the Connacht Championship, isn’t it week on week? Supposing two lads on the Roscommon panel got it and I think the protocol looks like you have to close it down.

“Well, there’s no extra dates so is that glass half-empty? No, I think it’s being realistic because it’s happening. It’s happening with five or six clubs. Yet there’s the promise of outrageous craic with a knockout Championship and you take the Roscommon team hitting form for three or four weeks – they could do anything,” suggests the former Roscommon manager.

“I think it’s going to be a very interesting time but I’m just hopeful for selfish reasons but also in terms of the country that we have both club and county Championships but I wouldn’t be putting the mortgage on it, no.”

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