Friday, July 10, 2020

 One pub in Mayo was found to have potentially breached public health guidelines after last weekend’s Garda crackdown.

Gardaí identified 26 pubs across the country where there were potential breaches of the health regulations or licensing laws “even after providing the premises with the opportunity to rectify the situation”. One of the premises was in Mayo and a file is being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the case.

The vast, vast majority of them were compliant in Mayo,” said Chief Superintendent of the Mayo Garda Division Tony Healy.

Chief Supt Healy said the spot checks will be a regular occurrence in the county.

Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and the more we open up the more susceptible were are to contracting the virus. The physical distancing has had huge benefits to us as a county we can see the number dropping hugely in relation to Covid-19 so we have to keep our resolve and go that extra step,” said the Chief Supt.

Chief Supt Healy said that premises that are abiding by the regulations and their customers welcome the garda presence.

For the pubs that are conforming with the guidelines, it’s positive reinforcement for them. They’re abiding by the regulations and for their customers it’s an assurance that the premises are being regulated and managed correctly and they can feel safe,” said.

Gardaí conducted a total of 6,830 checks of pubs last weekend as part of Operation Navigation.

Gardaí found 2,785 pubs open for business and determined that 2,759 were in compliance with regulations and licensing laws. 

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