Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Motocross rider Evan Mullarkey from Ballina

You could say Evan Mullarkey is a man with his feet firmly on the ground, but that wouldn’t strictly be true judging by some astonishing footage that has this week captured the young Ballina man doing what he loves to do the most – fly.

Evan’s mode of transport, however, is not a plane nor microlite, or helicopter or paraglider. You see, Evan is one of the country’s top names in the niche sport of freestyle motocross. And it’s niche for one very good reason – that it’s not for the faint of heart.

Evan, who turns 24 this year, is part of the FMX Ireland team after taking an interest in the spectacular sport from a very early age, so much so that his dad built him his first freestyle ramp at the family home.

However, it’s only really in the last five years that things have begun to get a little more serious for the Mayo man who in 2017 secured his first big breakthrough when signed up to travel throughout Europe and perform at shows in the likes of Spain, Hungary, Poland and Germany.

Is it a bird… is it a plane…

“Time on the bike is everything for me and to keep going after my dream,” said Evan in an interview at the time with lokomagazine.com. “To come all the way from Ireland to do it was one big step for me, but a good one.

“Dreams are endless and you don’t know where you will be in a few years time. Never stop dreaming and pushing yourself for what you want, you just have to get after it,” he added.

By the looks of a video shared this week by Suas Drones, Evan has continued to perfect his craft. The former Gortnor Abbey secondary school student can be seen practising on a homemade ramp constructed beside the gable wall of his house and we think you’ll agree that the combination of on-board, in-flight and airborne camera footage makes for some of the most dramatic 60-seconds of action you’ll see anywhere.


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