Saturday, June 27, 2020

Mayo County Council has been allocated €47,600 this year for the erection of cycling ‘safe passing’ signs throughout the county.

These new signs, which have been included in the Traffic Signs Manual, advises motorists of the need to leave adequate space when overtaking cyclists.

Brendan Mulroy, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council said “that the allocation will lead to safer conditions for cyclists throughout Co. Mayo. Close passes are very intimidating and can easily put people off cycling. Drivers, please be courteous and imagine it was you or one of your family on that bike. Each extra cyclist can mean one less car on the road. It’s a win-win situation.”  

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, said: “As a council we want to make Co. Mayo somewhere that offers a high quality and safe environment for cyclists in which to ride. While there is certainly a lot that we and partners can do to make this ambition a reality by continuing to invest significantly in cycling facilities and infrastructure, we cannot do it alone. Everyone needs to play their part, and there is no doubt we also need the support of motorists that share the road with cyclists on a day-to-day basis.”  

“Through initiatives such as this one we want to remind motorists and cyclists how vital it is that they abide by the laws of the road at all times in regard to cyclists and other vulnerable road users, and the potentially serious and fatal consequences of not doing so,” Noel Gibbons continued. 

“When drivers’ overtake cyclists without giving enough space it doesn’t just put them in danger, it puts many off cycling and this fear is then passed onto the rest of the family. 

“We want this initiative to educate drivers and protect this vulnerable road user group which is a priority for us. We hope the signs will raise awareness about sharing the road safely. The outcome will mean greater safety for everyone who cycles, or would like to use a cycle for everyday trips.”

Minister Shane Ross announced the allocation of €446,500 to 19 local authorities for the rollout of cycling ‘safe passing’ signs this year.

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