Friday, June 19, 2020

As the countdown commences to Bonfire Night (aka St John’s Night) next Tuesday, Mayo Co Council is reminding local householders and communities that it is illegal to burn waste on bonfires and that the local authority will be conducting spot checks on the night to ensure that only clean, untreated timber and green waste is being burned.

Illegal dumping at Tullysleva Ballina

It is estimated that up to 15 tonnes of household waste has been illegally dumped at Carrowmore, Tullysleva in Ballina over a period of time.

The reminder was issued by the local authority’s environmental enforcement team following the clearing of a major fly-tipping black spot in the Ballina area on Tuesday, June 16 last.

The local authority hired private contractors to clear up to 15 tonnes of saturated household waste including soiled nappies, food packaging, old clothing and furniture from an area at Carrowmore in Tullysleva, Ballina.

In addition to the obvious visual and odour nuisances, illegal dumping of this nature can also pollute watercourses and destroy ecological systems and natural habitats, the council’s environmental enforcement team stresses.

CCTV footage and documentary evidence has been taken from the site and the council is preparing to prosecute those responsible for the dumping in due course with resulting convictions and penalties helping to recoup the clean-up costs.

Illegal dumping

Another area of the illegal dump at Tullysleva in Ballina.

The public is reminded that local bye-laws require the use of permitted collectors and approved waste disposal facilities. Caution is advised in relation to unauthorised ‘Man With Van’- like services which may not always dispose of the waste safely or responsibly.

Anyone unable to demonstrate use of authorised waste disposal services or methods may be liable to a fine.

With Bonfire Night due to be celebrated this Tuesday, June 23 the public is also being warned that it is not permitted to burn waste on bonfires:

“Where households are going to have small bonfires in line with the tradition of St John’s night, we encourage people to only burn clean, untreated timber and green waste.

“The Environmental Enforcement team at Mayo County Council will be focusing on the usual hot spots and prosecutions will be taken against those who use it as an opportunity to offload bulky waste from household clear-outs,” a statement from the environmental enforcement team reads.

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