Friday, June 12, 2020

A west Sligo family has been moved to tears by the public’s support for the plight of their 11-month-old little girl.

Leila Hughes-McDermott

Leila Hughes-McDermott has already undergone five surgeries and countless other medical treatments for health issues relating to a rare gene mutation.

Little Leila Hughes-McDermott from Enniscrone has spent an inordinate amount of her first year of life undergoing treatments and surgeries for significant health issues caused by a rare gene mutation.

Her parents – Stacey Hughes and Steve McDermott – have fought for Leila ever since her issues were first identified at five months gestation, with Stacey stepping away from work to care for their baby who, despite being very ill, is proving to be quite the warrior.

She has endured five surgeries and many more treatments for a host of issues including a cleft palate, obstructive sleep apnea and bone marrow failure.

The latter treatment has required Leila to undergo 15 blood platelet transfusions to date. Luckily a donor has now been found and as of June 9, Leila has been undergoing chemotherapy in Dublin in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

Last week her uncle, Trevor Hughes, set up a fundraising campaign to help the family meet the major expenses associated with Leila’s treatment.

They have been amazed by the public’s incredible response which resulted in the campaign exceeding its target within just 24 hours.

With donations continuing, Trevor has been compelled to express how touched and grateful the family is for the support.

“This support makes such a huge difference to Leila and her family as they face into such an uncertain few weeks and months.”

Hailing Leila’s bone marrow donor as a real-life superhero, he also highlighted the importance of blood and platelet donation and associated services.

“The Irish Blood Transfusion Service currently needs about 250 platelet donations per week and currently has an active panel of 2000 donors. It takes four donors of the same blood type to make one unit of platelets,” he explained.

If you would like to show your support for Leila call 1850 731 137 to find out how you can become a blood/platelet donor or make a contribution to the Go Fund Me campaign via the green button below:

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