Thursday, June 11, 2020

The onset of Covid-19 caused every bus in the country to stop running practically overnight causing a massive shock to not just the bus business but to industries all over Ireland. One Mayo bus operator has moved with the times however, and diversified his business from driving into disinfection services. William Barrett, better known to his customers as Willie B, runs William Barrett’s Luxury Coach Hire and has told the Western People about how this new service came about.

“This came about as part of my plan to be Covid-19 compliant and prepared in relation to disinfection and sanitation for my buses for whenever they get back on the road.”

“I began looking at options as to the safest way of keeping my buses sanitised, and keeping passengers and drivers safe. With that in mind, I looked up Irish companies and having spoken to one or two I settled on a pharmaceutical company in Cork as my supplier.”

Willie describes the main benefits that made him settle on this method of sanitization and disinfection.

“The first reason was for its safety, of which the products conform to European legislation requirements. Secondly, this product was initially made for food preparation surface hence the safety element, but also this product kills bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds.

“This method is non-toxic and food-safe, which is extremely important. The product does not wet the surface so buses are ready again within 20 minutes.”

Willie Barrett busy at work in the classroom as schools hopefully prepare for their return in September.

“Your standard shop shelf product has a Dwell/Kill Rate of 3. With our product that Dwell/Kill Rate is 5, the next level after that would be used in laboratory conditions.”

In the ‘new normal’, cleaning to combat Covid-19 has become essential to all businesses and Willie B is ensuring that he stays ahead of the curve.

“I wanted my customers to be sure in the knowledge that our vehicles were safe to travel in and what we were doing was safe. Not only that, but we were trained in the use of equipment and products.

“Once I put a video up on my buses Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts, I was amazed at the reaction. I started getting inquiries from different sectors of the business community.”

With inquiries flying in Willie and his son Liam wanted to be as thorough and up to date as possible with their understanding of sanitisation and what they were going to be doing.

“To this end my son Liam and myself took it on ourselves to train with the Bright Academy, another Irish Company, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team there for helping us in every way.”

In the short space of time that Wiilie has taken his hand off the wheel and put it on the trigger of the disinfectant spray, he has amassed an impressive list of satisfied clientele.

“So far I have sanitised and disinfected the local church, a school, a pub and a dressing room for a local GAA club, a supermarket and all of our buses. All businesses now need to think about initialistion to keep customers and staff safe.

William Barrett on the job as churches get ready to welcome parishioners back for Mass from June 29.

“This is for businesses with high volume traffic of people going through. Not just the places I have mentioned but gyms, car dealerships, restaurants and more, and of course the service is available to other bus companies.

“This is about everyone working together. A lot of big buildings etc with high volumes of people going through would be labour intensive and costly to clean, but with our system it is very inexpensive and takes very little time to sanitize and disinfect a building.”

The best way for businesses to get in contact with Willie B to avail of these services is through the following methods – mobile: 087-7009292; email: [email protected]; Instagram: williambarrettcoaches; Facebook: William Barrett Coach Hire; Website:

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