Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Damian Langan utilising the services of Glan Assured throughout his Garden Centre and store.

A former Intensive Care nurse has established a new hygiene company that specialises in tackling Covid-19.

Geesala woman Deborah O’Sullivan runs Glan Assured. Deborah and her team of trained hygiene specialists utilise state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced disinfectant products available to ensure that your home, businesses or recreational area is completely clean.

“My husband always used to joke with me that I was a complete germaphobe,” said Deborah.

“I think it came with the territory of working in ICU,” said Deborah who previously worked at Mayo University Hospital, University Hospital Galway, and St James’.

Annette Howard of Brogans Eurospar Belmullet using the services of Glan Assured. All trolleys were disinfected to ensure their customers protection.

“Our patients were the sickest in the hospital and were vulnerable to picking things up. Every ICU nurse is basically an infection control specialist, you really have to be on the ball,” said the mum-of-two.

Deborah was inspired to set up the company after seeing the impact Covid-19 was having on her own community.

“During the lockdown, I saw the effect that Covid-19 was having on our community here in Belmullet as well as the whole country,” she said.

Deborah carried out extensive and exhaustive research about methods and means of disinfecting against Covid-19. The company has invested in high-tech spraying devices from the US.

“We have a range of sprayers that are electrostatic. The machine that sprays out the disinfectant positively charges the disinfectant. If you can imagine any object is either negatively charged or neutrally charged, when you spray from our machines the disinfectant is charged positively so it is magnetically drawn to any object and wraps about surfaces 360 degrees. It covers all areas so there is no need to be down trying to get into nooks and crannies,” said the entrepreneur.

Her spraying machines have been used on airlines, trains, buses, and hotels in the US.

“We are going to look a bit like ghostbusters!” Deborah joked. “We have a range of backpacks and hand-held sprayers,” she added.

Her sprayers use 70 per cent less disinfectant compared to other devices and the company is very particular about the disinfectant it uses. Glan Assured uses Hydrus-15 which has been tested to the highest EU standards when it comes to killing the coronavirus.

You can enter a room just five minutes after it has been treated by Glan Assured, and Deborah has been rolling out a free disinfectant trial service for premises in Belmullet. “It’s the boost they deserve,” she said.

Deborah said the way all of us approach cleaning has altered and Glan Assured is here to help.

“There is a big difference between cleaning for appearance and cleaning for health,” said the Erris woman.

The company carries out a risk assessment on-site with clients. They swab surfaces to demonstrate how contaminated they are. After they spray, they re-swab and demonstrate the elimination of pathogens by the use of their disinfectant. They can also supply all their data.

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