Thursday, May 21, 2020

The number of cases of Covid-19 in Mayo has now reached 560, with two new cases reported this evening (Thursday).

However, a week-on-week analysis of the Covid data contains some really positive news with just 19 new cases reported between May 14 and 21, the lowest number of cases recorded in a single week since March. The percentage increase is just 3.5 per cent during the seven-day period and compares very favourably with the double-digit increases that were being recorded throughout April.

Indeed, an analysis of the Mayo data over an eight-week period shows how the county has finally got to grips with its high infection rate. Between April 2 and April 9, the number of new cases in Mayo jumped from 52 to 134, an increase of 157 per cent. By April 16, the increase was down to 85 per cent, the number of cases having risen from 134 to 249.

However, there was a worrying period in the middle of April when the weekly percentage increase remained stagnant. From April 16 to 23, the rate of increase was 31 per cent (from 249 cases on April 16 to 365 cases on April 23). The following week saw the rate of infection rise marginally to 32 per cent (from 365 to 483 cases).

In hindsight, that increase seems to have been caused by inordinate delay in the return of tests with a glut of results registered in mid-April.

The first week of May saw the number of infections increase from 483 to 514, which represented a 6.4 per cent increase, a significantly marked improvement on April. The number of cases increased from 514 to 541 between May 7 and 14, which represented a 5.2 per cent rise.

Now the weekly rate of increase has fallen to just 3.5 per cent or 19 cases, which is welcome news on a week where Mayo University Hospital has found itself in the firing line over alleged failings in the treatment of Covid patients.

It seems the Trojan efforts of the public – and, indeed, the frontline staff in MUH, many of whom have contracted Covid-19  – is finally paying off and Mayo is flattening the curve in a very meaningful way.


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