Wednesday, May 13, 2020


One small advantage to the Covid-19 lockdown is that it has afforded many of us with a little more free time and the opportunity to get out and about.

The necessary restrictions on our movements have made taking a walk an important part of the day for many and the recent fine weather has made this very doable.

In Ballina the picturesque Quay Road, which borders the River Moy, is a popular route for pedestrians.

It has gained added appeal in recent weeks thanks to the actions of an anonymous person or group of people who have posted inspirational notes all the way down the route for a distance of a mile or more.

The heart-warming quotes have been written on colourful cue cards, sometimes with accompanying illustrations, along with the hashtag #staytogetherbystayingapart.

The Western People captured some of them in the video below:


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