Friday, May 08, 2020

#SeoÍAnGhaeltacht is a social media campaign which aims to present a composite portrait of Ireland’s Gaeltacht in the year 2020.

The Gaeltacht community and, indeed, anyone who has ever visited the Gaeltacht, is invited to contribute their experience of the Gaeltacht and Gaeltacht life by sharing a short video or picture on social media with the hashtag #SeoÍAnGhaeltacht.

#SeoÍAnGhaeltacht is just one part of a larger movement driven by community organisations and voluntary committees all over the Gaeltacht who are trying to influence language use in a positive way to safeguard the Irish language for future generations. A network of Language Planning Officers throughout the Gaeltacht are working with these organisations and committees to coordinate their efforts and implement plans and measures to strengthen the position of Irish as a community language.

The Language Planning Officers are providing their communities with an array of opportunities to communicate, to stay in touch and to contribute to the Irish language’s online presence, one of which is through #SeoÍAnGhaeltacht. Laoise Ní Dhúda, the Language Planning Officer with Gaeilge Iorrais in the North Mayo Gaeltacht, said, “As Irish people, our language is what gives us a unique sense of identity, and the Gaeltacht is at the heart of that. The language planning officers are working together on this project and hoping, through this, to show our pride in our home and our community, our language and our culture and to reawaken memories of the Gaeltacht.”

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