Saturday, April 04, 2020

A Mayo County Councillor has said there are up to 30 members of staff from Mayo University Hospital (MUH) currently in self-isolation awaiting Covid-19 test results with inpatients at the hospital left waiting 7-10 days for their test results.

Cllr Michael Kilcoyne said the current wait time is not good enough when compared to the swift turnaround at other hospitals in the country.

According to Cllr Kilcoyne, patients who undergo testing at hospitals in Sligo, Cork and Dublin have their results in a matter of hours as they have their own laboratory facilities on-site, whereas MUH sends their tests to central laboratories.

“10 days is a long time to wait for results, we deserve better than this. When inpatients are tested, they are held in the hospital until they recover or until they get the results and they deserve to know a lot sooner. Their families deserve to have answers.”

“There is going to be an explosion of cases when the level of testing increases and there are already around 30 members of staff at the hospital currently in isolation awaiting test results,” said Cllr Kilcoyne.

Cllr Kilcoyne said he was aware of a machine on-site at MUH that could be used to provide faster test results and called on the HSE to clarify why it is not in operation.

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