Friday, March 20, 2020

Aiden Corcoran, Owner and CEO of Cosmetic Creations, and Lorraine Corcoran , Technical Director of Cosmetic Creations. Picture: Michael McLaughlin

Mayo-based manufacturer Cosmetic Creations has increased its production of its newly-launched hand sanitiser, Airmedica, by almost 100 percent to over 150,000 units per week, due to continued demand created by the Covid-19 outbreak.
The company, which has locations in Claremorris and Cork, has taken on 20 more staff and 20 new contractors and has redeployed its sites to meet the demand for Airmedica, which was launched three weeks ago.
Having initially planned to produce up to 80,000 units a week, the company has instead produced 150,000 units, with output to increase week on week. Cosmetic Creations is one of the few manufacturing companies in Ireland which can deliver hand sanitiser production to this scale and timeframe.
As well as formulating and manufacturing Airmedica on-site, the company is also shipping and distributing the hand sanitiser to customers in the public and private sector, including frontline healthcare staff. From today, they will also be distributing to retail outlets nationally.
Aiden Corcoran, owner and CEO of Cosmetic Creations, said: “We want to play our part in making sure supply lines of vital products stay open. At the moment, I’m on-site 24/7 and I am seeing first-hand the hard work and dedication of our entire team, who are also adapting to the necessary social distancing requirements. We have taken full advantage of our agility, international supply chain, state-of-the-art equipment and output capacity to turn this large-scale production of hand sanitiser around in just three weeks.
“While costs of alcohol, bottles and shipping have increased by over four times, we are conscious of ensuring hand sanitiser is accessible to everyone and are absorbing as much of that cost as possible. We have also published our recommended retail prices on our website.”

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