Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A picture from the scene in Coolock where the body was found

The former head of the Garda cold case unit believes whoever left body parts in a bag in north Dublin earlier this week did it to send out a very clear message.

Two arms and two legs were found in a residential area in Coolock on Monday night.

Gardaí are in the process of identifying the remains and believe they could be that of a missing teenager involved in the drugs trade.

Former detective sergeant Alan Bailey says this type killing is often seen among international gangs.

“This is sending out a very clear message,” he said.

It’s the modus operandi that is used quite a lot by the likes by the Mexican cartel gangs.

“It’s another form of intimidation.”

Gardaí are awaiting DNA tests to confirm the identity of the victim, amid fears they may be that of a missing 17-year-old boy from Drogheda, Co Louth.

They suspect the dumping of body parts in a Dublin estate is a “mafia-style” message by drugs bosses and marks a “ramping up” in gangland violence.

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