Wednesday, December 04, 2019

By Marian Duggan

A Knockmore couple is being charged almost €7,000 to move three Eir poles located on a site where they hope to build their home.

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eir has declined to comment on the cost of pole removal on GDPR grounds.

Moving the fibre optic poles was a stipulation of the planning permission but the couple never dreamed the procedure would be so expensive.

“This was specified as part of our planning stipulations but we were not made aware that such a cost would be involved,” they explained to the Western People.

“We have the site cleared and Eir has carried out a survey which cost €600. They won’t come near the site until the €6,600 is paid. The poles need to be moved just three metres.

“At present, our builder is doing a lot of the works to even accommodate Eir/KN to bury these cables which could set us back a further €2,000 depending on materials and labour.”

The couple has been in contact with Eir on numerous occasions to discuss the matter but has been told there is no movement on the cost.

Eir refused to speak to the Western People citing GDPR rules for its inability to discuss the matter.

However, a source close to the company revealed that a quote of up to €10,000 to move a fibre optic pole is “not out of the ordinary” because special care needs to be taken with the cables.

It’s understood an Eir engineer carries out a survey on-site before sending results to the firm’s planning section. A price is drawn up, documents are sent to the finance section and the work must be paid before contractors go on site.

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