Saturday, May 25, 2019

Four sitting councillors have been re-elected to the Swinford Municipal Authority and thus, all four seats in the district have been filled.

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Murray, Fine Gael’s Neil Cruise and Michael Smyth and John Caulfield, both of Fianna Fail were the four candidates selected from seven on the ballot. The quota was 1,634 from a valid poll of 8,169.

Gerry Murray was elected on the first count with 1,896 first preference votes. His remaining surplus of 262 votes was distributed.

In the first count, Michael Smyth fell just three votes short of the quota, 1,631. His transferred tally of 46 votes was therefore enough to see him be deemed elected. At this point, Independent candidate Sean Forkin and Tommy Horan of Aontú were eliminated.

In the third count, John Caulfield gained 265 transferred votes, bringing his total number of votes to 1,635, a single vote over the quota.

This left Neil Cruise with 1,614 votes having gained 14 in the second count and 89 in the third count and Tom Lavin with 1,337 votes, having gained 58 transferred votes in the second count and 149 in the third count.

The returning officer announced that the number of transferable votes remaining would not be enough for the candidate with the lowest number of votes to get elected, and he deemed Neil Cruise to be elected.

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