Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Members of Castlebar Tidy Towns have expressed their dismay over the election postering approach of one EU candidate.

The Tidy Towns Committee has been campaigning to eliminate election posters on telegraph poles and lamposts in the urban area of Castlebar. The campaign has been largely successful, but the committee is disappointed that its efforts have been ignored by Fianna Fáil candidate Anne Rabbitte.

“We received many calls from Castlebar residents expressing their disappointment that posters had gone up around the town. It seems like other towns, including Westport and Roscommon, Castlebar is experiencing similar frustrations with one particular candidate,” said a spokesperson for Castlebar Tidy Towns.

They said each candidate in the local and European elections were contacted about their campaign in March. A small number of Labour candidate posters have also popped up, but not in the same volume as Ms Rabbitte’s and the Tidy Towns Committee understands that the Labour posters will be addressed.

“We are dependent on goodwill, so when one candidate does not keep to the request, we feel we need to inform the community.”

The Tidy Towns Committee said that it has tried to contact Ms Rabbitte’s campaign on the issue, but had not received a response at the weekend.

“This week we have been busy cleaning the town in advance of Mayo Day, the Pink Ribbon Cycle, and the Women’s Mini Marathon — all great community events for which we like to have the town looking its best.

“These posters on this weekend do not help.”

Fianna Fáil Euro candidate Anne Rabbitte has attracted the ire of Castlebar Tidy Towns after ignoring the town’s ban on election ‘postering’.

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By Keith Bourke
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